Tank Trouble 4

All four versions of the game

So final version of the game is Tank Trouble 4, it has all bug fixes and all necessary improvements which you need for enjoyable experience while playing world’s best tank battle game.

Game comes with three different modes, these modes allow you to play either alone or with your friends.

In case of selecting three player mode make sure that you check controls of the game, which buttons you need to use and how, all info is presented in the game menu or when you start match.

Keep in mind that when you play in single player mode your opponent is Laika. Laika is AI that plays really well and it will be extremely hard to defeat him. In time you will get some skills and you will be able to defeat him.

Those of you who need some tips & tricks regarding this game should check YouTube video below. Video contains awesome suggestions which can dramatically improve your gaming skills.

With this video you are ready to go, start your match now, defeat your opponents and become champion of tank duels.